Attract Your Dream Life With The Perfect Day Exercise





Lately as I knuckle down into private mentoring I’m asking everyone I meet or hang out with What’ your big dream? 

Because my mission is help you realise that dream.

What I’m discovering though is how many of you don’t really have a big dream.


Either you’ve never really thought about it, or you haven’t let yourself believe you could achieve your wildest dreams.

Are you somewhere on this spectrum?


If you’re in the category that doesn’t believe you can achieve your dreams, there’s another way to ask this.

Try asking: If you COULD BELIEVE you could have anything, what would you believe?


Don’t worry if you don’t know exactly where you’d live or what work you’d be doing. The details are not important.


It’s enough to contemplate the elements that you do want. Like the weather. Or the hours you work. Or how you spend your free time. Or who you’re helping.


The most important thing is to get into how you want to feel.



Rather than making long lists of objectives, plans and strategies, this exercise gets you to start with the end in mind.

In other words, rather than asking what we need to do next week, next month and in six months time, ask yourself: What’s my ultimate vision? And trust the ideas and insights and next steps that follow.

This is how Law of Attraction works. It’s a lot simpler than most people think.

Where most people go wrong with goal (dream) setting is thinking you have to map out every step.

You don’t.

You just need to be clear about what you want and ask for it. Then you need to get out of the way.

Which means two essential things.

  1.  Maintaining a good mindset to the best of your ability
  2.  Taking each next, most obvious step

That’s it!

The good news is you don’t have to always have a perfect mindset. Or even believe the whole time that it’s all going to work out.

Like a jet plane that’s flying off course for 95% of the journey, as long as you keep bringing yourself back into alignment with your dream you’ll get there. The right people and ideas and resources and information will come. Clear steps will present themselves.

But obviously things will move more steadily the more you take care of your mindset, and follow the opportunities that WILL BE PRESENTED to you.

So here’s an exercise you can do to help you reimagine your ideal future.

The idea is to dream up your perfect day. Get into how it looks and sounds and how you feel.


If you’re starting a business or wanting a new career or some fresh creative inspiration, or any fresh start really, I recommend you do this .

I know I said you don’t need to be specific, so the idea of this is to get you to feel how you love to feel. Trust that if you do this you are creating right now!


And if you’re thinking you’re happy enough doing what you’re doing now, or you think this is indulgent and self serving consider this:


  1. The universe is evolving through YOU and wants you to do big things
  2. Reaching your highest potential is what allows you to make the biggest possible contribution in the world



To help you along I’m going to share my perfect day. Yikes! This is the kind of thing I’ve always kept hidden away and is right out of my comfort zone.


My Perfect Day.

It’s just before sunrise in the tropics, my favourite time of day. The balcony doors of my treetop bedroom are open, the air is still cool, and the sky is beginning to light up with the first rays of the sun. My lovely man is by my side.

The world is coming alive with the sounds of frogs, insects and birds. The ducks have just come tramping noisily into the rice paddy in front.

I do a 15 minute meditation out on the balcony to the tune of the dawn chorus, then go down to the kitchen and make some healthy green concoction. Then I go to my yoga class a few minutes walk away. It’s a beautiful day and I pass some smiley people along the way.

After yoga I come home and shower then cut a big pile of tropical fruit and we eat together.

I love moving slowly into my day, answering emails, saying hi on Facebook, communicating with my collaborators, dealing with anything important.


I’m a late breakfast person eater so mid morning we eat some eggs or make a delicious salad. Or we wander to a local cafe and eat.

Then I spend a few dedicated hours in one of my creative projects, writing meditations or material for my latest course, writing and sending a newsletter, or planning my upcoming retreat.


In the early afternoon my brain likes to rest. I go for a swim in the sea or in my natural swimming pool, and lie in the sun reading something inspirational. Then I go home to shower and hang out indoors for a while. I call my son to invite him for dinner.

This is my favourite time of day to research and read up on things I’m learning about. I might doze off with the fan going and the breeze coming through the open doors.

Mid afternoon we go for a walk or ride bikes to the local market to buy bits and pieces. We bump into friends who invite us for dinner tomorrow night. Then we head home, and I make a curry paste and marinate some fish to cook later.

I squeeze in another hour’s work before getting changed and pouring a glass of white wine.

My son arrives and we eat dinner on the verandah with candles and incense burning, and music playing.

The half moon is setting and the day ends as it began, feeling happy and relaxed with frogs and cicadas in full throttle.


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