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Today as part of Natalie’s Blog Challenge my mission was to go out and have an adventure and write about it. To practice having a life of adventure.

To be honest I don’t really need practice in fun and adventure. In fact I’m a master at it. But I really did need a break after all this writing I’ve been doing in every spare minute of my day!!

But! I didn’t know I was meant to be having this adventure. Feeling pretty exhausted from trying to keep up with all the posts, plus being in different time zone, I was a day behind and didn’t read the email until the next day.

Lucky for me I happened to go out for the entire day and night and did lots of different things with a variety of people and had a lot of fun!

Unfortunately I missed the part about taking pictures of me throughout the day. I did take a few pics, but I’m not in any of them.

Anyway, it was a gorgeous sunny day. I started by doing a great yoga class with my friends Susan and Camilla.

Then I met up with Marcia for a great brekky at the Grumpy Baker. I wish I’d taken a photo of my avocado stack with roasted tomatoes and pesto. It were right yummy!!

Marcia and I went for a walk after breakfast around the coastline that runs along the South Headland in Sydney. Unbelievably – as I live only 10 minutes drive from here –  I realised I’d never walked all the way along that path.

Here’s what it looks like there. So lucky to live in this place!


One of the highlights of my day was rummaging through Marcia’s neighbour’s garden picking this bunch of edible flowers for Prue, who was making us dinner later.

Here’s my bestie Prue with her flowers.




And here’s Enzo…



And OMG, look at this incredible food she made for us!!!


Prue is an amazing chef and this was meant to be a dinner for a few of the girls to celebrate her upcoming birthday. But in the end I was the only one who could make it. Which made it a little bit special if you ask me.

Later on her boyfriend came and two other friends and we drank some tequila and partied on down!!

Sunday was a bit slow and struggle street, but that’s what you get sometimes when you live a life of adventure!

No complaints here!

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