Learn to Meditate

Mindfulness Meditation Made Easy

Can’t stop your mind?
Or block out thoughts?

Great news, you don’t have to!

Heard about the wonders of meditation but you just don’t have time?

More good news! Studies are showing that only a few minutes a day makes a real difference!

Or maybe you’re not quite ready to give up the fun things in life?

You are speaking to a gal who still loves to party!!
If meditation’s exactly what you need but it’s still just a little bit weird,
Or you’ve learned before but you felt like you didn’t quite get it,
Or you’ve tried with an app but you’re not getting the results you need…

You are finally in the right place.

I’m telin’ ya…

It’s a jungle out there when you want to learn to meditate!


Hey, I know how busy you are and how full your life is! I know it’s daunting to think about adding one more thing into your day!
Luckily these days we know from research that hours of meditation is not necessary to begin seeing changes in every area of your life.


A little goes a long way.

It all begins with awareness.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to…


  • Calm your crazy mind and get laser focussed and clear
  • Slow the pace of your life and get even more done
  • Learn to be calm in body and mind
  • Feel more appreciation for life
  • Make smarter choices
  • Access intuition and creativity
  • Improve your relationships
  • Feel at peace with yourself


How You Can Work With Me

I teach privately or in small groups, either face to face or via Skype.

My comprehensive step by step course – From Madness To Mindfulness- takes you from beginner level to being established in a regular practice that suits your lifestyle and needs.

Much more than meditation, you’ll come away with a clear understanding of how to navigate the pace and demands of life, upgrade your state of mind, and gain control of your life.

What’s included:

  • Four X one hour long face to face or Skype sessions
  • Instruction and practice in silent meditation
  • Guided meditations aligning to each topic
  • Daily text messages to keep you engaged and on track between lessons
  • 5 Downloadable meditation audios (by me!)
  • Links to inspiring videos and other resources
  • Downloadable course notes


Yes please, tell me how I can Join!


From Madness To Mindfulness


Module 1

In this module we… cover all the essentials of meditation and mindfulness and get you started in your own daily practice.


We’ll dive into:


  • Developing attention and focus
  • When, where, how and why of meditation
  • the difference between formal and informal practice
  • The nuts and bolts of posture and breathing
  • Why you don’t need to be able to block out thoughts or stop your mind
  • How to begin your practice of being more mindful and aware in every moment


Module 2

In this module we… dive deep into stress, especially the connection between the mind and body. We also look at how meditation is literally reshaping and retraining your brain.


You’ll learn how to:


  • Understand and navigate your personal stress triggers
  • Catch the tension in your body before it takes hold
  • Reduce anxiety, worry and fear
  • Let go of your addiction to negative thinking
  • Become the witness of your mind so you can short out the negative feedback cycle
  • Surrender you negative emotion the easy way
  • Create positive mental habits that strengthen and reshape your brain.



Module 3

In this module we… unlock a treasure chest of positive thinking tools. Now that you’ve learned the art of non-resistance it’s time to discover the latest in positive psychology and the science of happiness.


You’ll learn how to:


  • Transform negative tendencies into positive
  • Increase feelings of appreciation and gratitude
  • Develop more kindness and empathy towards yourself and others
  • Feel naturally positive and optimistic
  • Cultivate greater acceptance – of yourself, others and life
  • Create habits that support your happiness and personal growth


Module 4

In this module we… dive a little deeper exploring the transformational applications of mindfulness and meditation and connect to a deeper sense of who you really are.


You’ll discover how to:


  • Tap into inner wisdom, intuition and creativity
  • Tell the difference between the voice of your mind, and the voice of inner guidance
  • Release the inner control freak and tap into life’s natural flow
  • Let go of of conditioned beliefs and behaviour patterns
  • Be more authentic and confident about your choices and path in life


What’s different about this course?

While many meditation courses draw from one tradition, From Madness To Mindfulness brings together the knowledge and wisdom of the Eastern traditions, and the latest findings in neuroscience and modern psychology. And lots of other goodness I’ve gathered over many years!


My approach is not one size fits all.

Over four weeks you’ll be eased into establishing a meditation practice that works for you..

This is not about structure or discipline, but finding simple and practical ways to bring more peace, clarity and awareness into your daily life.


Click here to contact me for more info on taking this course as a private student or in as group, or phone me on 0410 602493.

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