Mercy, it’s insane what you’ve taught me! I remember you asking me how I’d feel without my anxiety and it was like an unimaginable dream, but I feel like a different person, so much calmer and more focussed. I know what to do now when my brain starts racing and the anxiety hits. I can’t thank you enough for helping me turn this corner!

Indra Stanley

I feel that I learned quickly and was able to practice the techniques Mercy taught easily. The results in my body were pretty much immediate. The regular ‘flare ups’ that I had from the disease stopped and are not an issue anymore, and my symptoms are completely under control.The 4 week course was revelatory. It opened my eyes to a world that I had heard about but had no real interest in. I discovered that meditation was a good fit for my lifestyle, and something that I could easily adopt as a habit. I really didn’t think that it would be “me” but my life has changed as a result of the course.

A very big thank you Mercy, I feel blessed to have found this course. It was exactly what I needed to support me in getting back on track when I felt so stressed with everything going on in my life. I now have a more positive outlook, more presence with my small children and am reminded to be grateful for what all that I have.

Vanessa Dooley: Nurse, wife and mother

Mercy, in one lesson you taught me how to calm my mind instead of lying awake worrying half the night. Now I know what to do to get back to sleep easily, every single time!

Donna Fodor: Owner at Dust

Mercy is very generous with her time and words of encouragement, and her passion for meditation is contagious! I’m now armed with the tools to be more present and in control in all aspects of my life. I feel so much more aware in every moment – of my reactions, my surroundings and where I hold tension in my body so I can let it go easily. Mercy’s instruction is clear and easy to follow and her course content is full of inspiration to begin a journey of mindful self-discovery. My heartfelt thanks!

Alexandra Earl: Sydney

Mercy is extremely experienced and down to earth and knows a lot about a lot of things! And joining her course was the best decision I could have made. I was invited by my partner and was at first apprehensive. I thought it would be a bit over my head and honestly didn’t think I could spare the time. Much to my surprise, learning meditation with Mercy was simple, enjoyable and a lot easier than I had anticipated. In only four weeks I’ve learnt how to step back, reflect on my life, make positive changes and generally feel more content being in the moment.

Byron Smith – Landscaper

I never thought I’d be able to clear the constant chatter in my mind for even 5 minutes! I am always on a constant mission to complete the ‘to-do-list’ in my head always thinking about the next place I need to be and just repeating over and over again the same tedious dialogue.
Mercy’s lessons were fantastic in that they started with baby steps. I loved Mercy’s explanations of how the meditation worked, the different types of meditation and the fact that you can’t get meditation wrong. Mercy has a wealth of experience in meditation from her past adventures so it was so great to be taught by someone with so much knowledge.
I am now absolutely addicted to my meditation sessions which are so calming and enjoyable, I can definitely feel the benefits

Jo Hetherington

Peaceful, insightful and honest, Mercy´s course is filled with knowledge and guidance, easy-to-understand notes and helpful hits to keep you motivated to meditate. After attending her 4-week course, I became aware of how important it is for me to meditate regularly, and have continued to keep a daily practice. Her morning text messages became a beautiful way to wake up, and I looked forward to the tasks and inspirations Mercy set for the day. I highly recommend it to beginners and to those who which to set in concrete a regular practice – she’s a gemstone!

Kate Duncan

After many attempts at meditation over the years, Mercy made it instantly clear, approachable and doable. In the first class I felt I suddenly understood the simplicity of just being still and not resisting whatever is going on, thoughts included. The greatest benefit for me though was the emphasis on gratitude, which has given me a new appreciation for life as it is.

Katy Elliott: Digital marketing

Prior to coming to Mercy’s classes I was having one or two minor breakdowns a week! I was struggling with the reality (and resentment) of having two small children and a partner with a long term illness. Mercy’s strong, passionate, and warm guidance has helped me to knit the very fibre of my being back together, to calm my nerves and to grow spiritually. Thank you Mercy for helping me through a very, very difficult time in my life and for helping me begin my new journey as a more kind, loving and more mindful human being.

Soledad Cordeaux: Performer and mother of two

I had always struggled with meditation until I attended Mercy´s meditation course. There was something very real in her understanding of where I was at and in only two weeks I found myself understanding what it means to be truly mindful. That awareness has naturally extended into everyday life and allowed to open up to a deeper understanding of who I am.

Sue Davies: Digital marketing

I’ve never been one to sit still or relax. Both of these concepts are quite foreign in my busy, high-energy life. I really didn’t think this mattered much – I liked the fast paced rushing to and fro. Until I saw that the grass was greener on the other side.
Mercy’s foundation course opened me up to a new way of being and living. By pushing myself to feel comfortable in stillness and simply sitting within my own body I was able to learn how to be mindful in the everyday. Mercy is such a wonderful teacher, intuitively adapting each class to the needs of her students.

Tess Robinson: Smack Bang Designs

When Mercy opens up a space for inner silence and meditation she does so with calm assurance and authenticity. She speaks in a beautiful way that gently leads to a place of poise and stillness. Clearly it is her calling to guide people into the presence found at the heart of every moment.

Tim Williams, Spiritual healer and teacher