Coaching and Mentoring


Is it time for a change of direction or a total life overhaul?


Get off the treadmill and discover the deeper meaning of your life.


  • Are you ready to reinvent yourself but haven’t a clue where to begin?
  • Overwhelmed by the constant noise in your head and demands of your busy life?
  • Quietly freaking out about where it’s all headed?


Wouldn’t it be nice to feel calm and in control so you can discover your highest purpose?


What I can tell you is this:


  • You have a special gift that’s unique to you
  • The purpose of life is to reach your highest potential  
  • Your personal struggles are the gateway to passion and fulfillment
  • Overcoming anxiety and worry is the first essential step to living your purpose
  • True happiness comes when you share your gifts with the world


Wow, just imagine….


That finding success and happiness comes from following your bliss, not from working yourself into the ground doing something you don’t like.

That when you have clarity, everything you want is within your reach.

That through deeply accepting and nurturing yourself your stresses and struggles will fade away.



If the idea of smashing through your personal blocks and unlocking your potential both scares and excites you, then this program is for you!


Here’s what one of my clients had to say…


Mercy came into my life when everything was in flux. My relationship was difficult and I was feeling unfulfilled, confused and directionless. In Mercy’s program things started improving immediately and I found the clarity I was looking for. Not only has the love come back into my relationship (without my husband even knowing!) but I’m stepping into new career that feels exciting and meaningful.


So, what do you need help with?

If you’ve been neglecting yourself and it’s time to nurture your body and soul, let’s get you back on track.


If it’s time to let go of destructive habits and patterns let’s work on building a healthy mindset.


If your relationships are lacking let’s help you develop healthy boundaries so you can rediscover passion and meaning.


If you’re feeling unfocussed and unproductive let’s give the boot to distraction and procrastination so you start believing in yourself again.



Your Options

We’ll start with a free assessment call via Skype.
Then you’ll receive:

1:1 Coaching via Skype, by phone or face to face. Or a combination that works for you.


Your investment

$1800 For 12 weekly sessions over 3 to 6 months.

(Or ask me about payment plan options.)

I’m here to guide you every step of the way!


If you’re ready to commit to real change and have your hand held along the way email me now. Or schedule your free clarity session below to find out more about working with me.

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