What’s Blocking Your Freedom?

Today I’m starting Natalie’s 10 day Blog Challenge…to get my writing juices flowing and my hopefully my business ass in gear!

I had planned for this post to be about my recent trip to Bali. A fantabulous trip that was all about finding and nailing down a beautiful place to hold my first retreat for July of next year. But something else has popped up.

Expect to hear more very soon about the transformational retreat I’m putting together for next July called ‘Relight My Fire!’. WOOHOO!!

And know that magic happened, and I found that beeeeeautiful place. And that you’re invited!!

But for today I’m starting this challenge led by a fellow freedom worshiper that I follow.  Because as you may have noticed, I’m very inconsistent with my blog and I’m hoping this challenge will address that inconsistency.

The topics in the blog challenge relate to my fave subject, FREEDOM. And the life of freedom I’m setting up for myself.

I’ve never really talked about it here but I came across a particular idea maybe five years ago now that has been a driving force in my life ever since, when I read The Four Hour Workweek by Tim Ferris. That book changed my life. It got me seriously thinking about creating an online business. And about how I could shape my work in a way that would let me travel and be free and work from my laptop.

So today’s task is for me to pinpoint two to three things that currently hold me back from my own ‘freedom lifestyle’ and to discuss what I intend to do about them.

Naturally I hope that whatever I discover here may also be applicable to you.

After some thought, here are my current and ongoing challenges

  1. Stuff!
  2. Prioritising my multitude of activities

Let’s start with…

I’ve been learning lately how creativity and inspiration are stimulated by being in new physical environments and this was very true of my trip to Bali. We’ve all seen how getting away allows you to gain perspective about your life and to see things objectively. And that coming home you have renewed energy to tackle things that you couldn’t face or figure out. To make changes in areas that may have gone stale.

Having said that, all the things you gained perspective about are also suddenly in your face when you get home. Like the half assembled TV cabinet in my living room that I need help to finish. Like weird cooking utensils that I’ve never used. And pictures that need hanging. And boxes of stuff by the front door I’ve cleared out that hasn’t made it to the op shop.

Earlier in the year I read an amazing book by Maria Kondo called ‘The Life-Changing Magic Tidying’. If you haven’t read this book yet you really should!

It’s a step by step system that guides you through sorting and storing your stuff. Unlike the way most of us go about this, you don’t do it room by room, or drawer by drawer, but category by category.

You start with clothes, then move onto books, then papers, working your way to more personal stuff. You dump every single thing from each category in a pile on the floor and hold each item against your body.

Piece by piece you ask yourself if it sparks joy. If it does it stays, if it doesn’t it goes. Trust me, you get rid of a lot of shit!

The way you store your stuff is key. You roll your clothes so you can see every piece in the drawer. You stand all your books and paperwork on end. You keep all the same kinds of things in the same place.

Nothing ever gets lost again.

MK claims if you do it properly first time there will be no relapse. You will only need to tidy once.

It really does work! My clothes, books and paperwork are still in order and I’m much more discerning about what I buy now.

I did the clothes over a weekend, and then books the following week. Then I took a breather before getting stuck into paperwork. I’d thought my paperwork was under control, but following her system I was able to cut it down by another two thirds. Now all my paperwork is the width of a shoe box. Gone is the expandafile and years of bank statements. Joy!!!

When I’d finished I felt like things were really in order. And I stalled.

That was months ago.

Coming home a few days ago I realise now’s the time for the category I’ve been procrastinating about – what Marie calls Komono. Or miscellaneous items. Eek!!

So starting tomorrow I’m going to get every little bit and piece out of every drawer and get on with it. I’ll listen to webinars from my course so I’m learning as I go. My house will be a mess for a week but my head will be clear. Yippee!!

Which brings me to challenge number two…


Right now I have three or four different businesses I’m working on or researching, and an online course. And now this blog challenge. Plus work, a 19 year old, yoga, meditation, and all the rest of it. All vying for my moment to moment attention.

There are so many things we all need to be doing at once that it’s easy to feel like you’re merely chipping away and never getting on top of it all.

You get this I know. You wake up with a lovely, fresh, clean slate of a day and before you know it you feel the heavy realisation that you’ll never get a quarter of what you want to do done.

There are literally a thousand systems that deal with productivity and time management and organisational strategies.

I don’t use any of them.

I listened to Getting Things Done as an audiobook. I watch the talk called Zero Inbox. I’ve tried narrowing my priorities down to three things I need to do today. Or even one. Making sure I do the most important things before 11am.

But I am not a schedule, routine, calendar, reminder typa girl.

None of it works for me. Mainly because it feels boring to live like that. It takes the joy and spontaneity out of life and quite frankly it depresses me.

More than anything it takes the magic out of life. And more and more my life is feeling magical.

Spiritual teachers throughout the ages have always talked about what wants to happen through us. Like the creative force of the Universe is wanting to come through us and our job is to get out of the way.

This requires a certain amount of trust. That the things you absolutely have to do, get done. That important things don’t get forgotten.
Many of you have jobs that demand a calendar and lots of lists. Some of you need to exercise every day before you do anything. Or meditate. Or get the house in order. I get that.

But priorities change. Some days it feels vital that I get outside into the fresh air first thing. Other days I sit in bed on my laptop and write until 10am. Tidying up can be essential to my feeling of wellbeing one day and the next day I can work happily in a bomb site.
It’s a personal thing.
But what’s true for all of us is this: you make better choices and do a better job when you feel good.

For me it’s a simple equation. The happier I feel, the more creative I am. The more grounded I feel, the more focussed I can be. The more calm and clear in my head, the more decisive I am.

So then the question becomes: What do you need to do to feel happy, grounded, calm and clear?


This week I’m readjusting from being a single woman on holidays (sigh!), back to being a mother with a house and a job and several business interests, an online course and a blog challenge.

How I address BOTH of the above challenges will be the same.


Rather than look at all the things I need to do and invoke discipline and time management, I’m going to commit to one hour each of yoga, meditation and household tidying, and let the rest take care of itself.

Just writing this gives me a sense of relief and excitement!!

Meditation yoga and tidying, what a combo!!

I can feel already sense how I’ll feel this time next week. Healthier, happier, clearer, and 100% on track.

Even if you can’t commit to three hours a day of mental and physical decluttering, a little of any of the above can go a long way to bringing some peace and clarity to your world.

Whether or not your a routine kind of person, ask yourself:

What are the biggest challenges to your freedom right now?

What’s in the way of your ideal life?

What will you do this week to work through them?

Please leave a comment below and let me know how you deal with obstacles to your freedom.

Love as always


P.S. Please get in touch if you’d like to join my upcoming More Than Meditation course. Starts Thursday 27th September.


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