I’m Mercy:
Intuitive life coach, Meditation Teacher, Eternal Optimist + Diehard Dance Floor Lover. I can get ANY kid to eat broccoli and ANY adult to meditate. (Just ask me how)

Through meditation, mindfulness and life coaching I help you break out of the matrix, get clear about your direction and start living life on your terms.

For the past seven years I’ve taught hundreds of people to meditate, in groups and individually, in schools, hospitals and workplaces.

It all started 30 years ago. Life was all rock and roll, friends and parties. The world was my oyster.

But deep down I was pretty lost and lonely. I felt insecure and unhappy.

Then out of nowhere some unseen force snatched me out of my waking slumber and I had the sudden absolute knowing that there was a lot more to life than we’re led to believe.

It screamed to me:

“Learn to meditate!!!”


So I did. Meditation was still weird back then. But never one to follow the rules or do what everyone else was doing, I launched headlong into a daily practice and began exploring everything I could.

About spirituality, philosophy and personal development. About gurus and chakras and astrology. About the new age and spiritual healing and shamanism.

Anything that could help me understand myself and the world, and this crazy mystery called life.


Meditation changed my life


Immediately I began to feel more at ease. With life, and with myself.

I let go of old patterns and insecurities. And life began to transform.

I’d always followed my heart – and my impulses. But now my inner voice became clearer and the courage to be true to my heart grew even stronger.

The result has been a life of travel and adventure, going against the grain and doing things ahead of my time.

I opened a pop up cafe in London in 1990, followed eclipses and dance parties through South America and Asia, and had a baby on my own 20 years ago. (In a little shack under a full moon of course)!

I’ve never had a mortgage or a 9 to 5. It hasn’t always been easy.

But freedom has always come before security.

How I Can Help You

It brings me no end of joy to share the simple steps that have allowed me to live a life of fun and freedom, so that you can too. It’s easier than you think. You’ll learn how to tune into and trust your inner knowing. To be true to your passion and purpose.

I teach a step-by-step process that begins with getting grounded and clear.
Anxiety, confusion and self-judgment will melt away.
We’ll peel away layers that are keeping you stuck.

Just imagine letting go of the struggle and flowing with life instead. You can even train yourself not to worry. When you hit with a challenge, you’ll immediately begin wondering what the positive outcome will be. There always is one.

It won’t tell you to stop your thoughts or empty your mind.

There are no rules about discipline or giving things up.

You’ll come to accept yourself as you are so whatever isn’t working in your life anymore can fall away by itself. You’ll start feeling a deep appreciation for your life. Won’t that be nice?

My greatest passion is playing a part in the great transition we’re in – the world feels like it’s speeding up. Yet we can rediscover the ancient wisdom that shows us the way back to our hearts.

So whether you want to work with me individually or in your workplace, I promise you’ll no longer feel frazzled. You’ll feel like you’ve regained your freedom – and had fun doing it.


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