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Want to bring more harmony to your workplace so that staff perform better, are more engaged, and feel motivated to stay with you?

If you could introduce one small measure that would guarantee an increase in productivity for your company and be a great ROI, you’d do it right?

And what if you were improving the communication and teamwork in your workplace and boosting your staff members’ morale and attitude to work as well?

It’s a no brainer.

Meditation is the answer. And it’s sweeping the corporate world.

The penny has well and truly dropped that longer hours do not equate to higher performance. In fact the opposite is true. High stress squashes creativity and leads to impeded brain function. Decision making, communication and organisation are all adversely affected in the process.

The non-stop, fast pace of life, constant interruptions, and the need for employees to be available 24/7 are all contributing to record levels of anxiety, stress and burnout.

One study showed one in four Australian workers reporting moderate to severe stress, a number that’s even higher in the 18 to 35 year old range.


The Rise Of Workplace Meditation

In recent years we’ve seen a huge increase in the number of companies offering Meditation and Mindfulness to staff members. Companies like Google and Apple were early adopters, offering classes, courses and quiet rooms where staff can retreat. Twice a day, Oprah’s company comes to a standstill with all 400 staff members stopping to meditate.

We now see companies across all sectors jumping on board, from advertising, media and construction companies, to major banks, security companies and law firms.

The results speak loudly. When staff wellbeing is provided for, the benefits are wide ranging, for stakeholders and staff alike.


Benefits to the company include:

Decrease in absenteeism
Increased productivity
Greater engagement
Higher retention
Improved relations and communication
Higher morale
A peaceful workplace

Benefits to staff members include:

Higher self esteem and self confidence
Greater job satisfaction
Improved relationships both inside and outside of work
Increased motivation and enjoyment of life
Improved health
Better organisation and time management
Greater focus and clarity
Higher emotional intelligence
More resilience
Better decision making

Moving into the future, in order for companies to thrive, staff must also thrive. Meditation and Mindfulness are the most powerful tools available to ensure this outcome for everyone.

A Word about Mindfulness

Traditionally, Mindfulness includes both the formal practice of meditation and the informal cultivation of present moment awareness outside of meditation.

In my experience Mindfulness is more easily grasped and the benefits more lasting when the two are learned and practised together.

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